Frequently Asked Questions

 Putting Greens

Do synthetic greens roll like the real thing?

Actually, no. They roll even better. Imagine the purest bentgrass or ultradwarf Bermuda greens you’ve played. Mirage TourPutt Ultimate Turf, the only kind Gulf Coast Synthetic Turf installs, is every bit as smooth and quick. The difference: You’ll never putt over rough patches, pitch marks or top-dressing sand.

 How fast are these greens?

 Depending on the turf you choose, it ranges from around 9’ all the way to 11’ on the USGA Stimpmeter. Typically, public course’s greens measure between 8’ – 9’; private club greens are usually 9’ – 10’; PGA Tour speeds are generally 11’ and up.

 Can a green be built to include slopes and breaks?

 Absolutely. We can customize any green, indoors or out, to include undulations of varying sizes.

 Can I hit chips, pitches and bunker shots onto a GCST green? If so, will these shots react like they do on a real green?

 Yes to all of the above. Mirage turf is made from textured, spring-set fibers designed to offer a small amount of “give,” so short shots land, spin and roll as they would on an actual green.

 How much maintenance do synthetic greens require?

 Practically none. With an outdoor installation, you’ll simply need to brush off any debris that collects (leaves or sand, for instance). You can use a tarp to protect it from the elements, but Mirage turf is built to withstand extreme weather. In fact, it’s warrantied for 10 years on residential installs, five years for commercial use. Naturally, indoor greens require even less care – as in none.

 Will the turf hold up in harsh outdoor conditions?

 You bet it will. Mirage synthetic turf graces outdoor settings as diverse as frigid Canada to blistering Arizona – not to mention the hot, humid Southeast region GCST calls home.

 Waterless Turf

 What types of environs are suitable for waterless turf?

 You name it. As long as the surface is reasonably level with a porous base for drainage, waterless grass will work great.

 Can waterless grass be placed around things like pools, walkways and gardens?

 Yes, it can. If anything, it’s easier to install than real sod.

 Is waterless grass simpler to maintain than natural grass?

By a mile. True to its name, waterless turf requires no watering, mowing, fertilizing, thatching or edging, for that matter. Add up the maintenance savings and a waterless grass lawn easily pays for itself over time.
Can kids and pets walk and play on the turf? 

Yep. It’s soft, lead-free and harmless to people and animals. (Though it shouldn’t be ingested.)

Is your synthetic turf similar to indoor-outdoor carpeting?

No, not at all. Our turf is extremely realistic, softer and much more durable.

 How does waterless grass handle high heat and inclement weather?

 Incredibly well. It’s backed by a 5-year limited warranty against excessive wear, fading and sun – and it usually lasts a lot longer than that.

 Is heavy rain an issue?

No. Our turf is made with tiny perforations, allowing water to seep through into the ground. If the rain really pours, some water will run off the surface (as it does on natural grass).

 Will waterless grass mold or catch fire?

 Mold is rarely a problem as long as you’ve got proper drainage. The turf is also less flammable than natural grass, especially dead grass (which tends to be very dry).


 What territory does Gulf Coast Synthetic Turf cover?

 While we’re based in the New Orleans area, our reach extends into east Texas and back into Mississippi, Alabama and northwest Florida.

OK, so how much money are we talking for a custom-built green or waterless lawn?

Obviously, that depends on the size and scope of your project. But at GCST, we’re confident our pricing will beat any competitor’s – and we’re absolutely certain you won’t get better service, construction or product quality from anyone, anywhere.

Contact us today!  – you might be surprised how affordable your dream green or lawn can be.