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New Orleans, LA "Uptown"

New Orleans, LA "Uptown"

Want all the perks of a perfectly manicured lawn – the lovely look, the praise from visitors, the envy of neighbors – without the hours of toil and endless expenditures? 

We’ve got just the thing: Waterless grass. Technically, it’s synthetic grass made from a lead-free fiber blend. It looks and feels incredibly lifelike, but has numerous advantages over natural grass. For starters, waterless grass requires no maintenance – no irrigation, no mowing, no fertilizing, no dethatching, no weed or pest removal… ever. It doesn’t need sunlight to thrive, either, and it’s totally immune to mud. At Gulf Coast Synthetic Turf, we stock and install waterless grass from Mirage – the industry pioneer whose reputation for performance and durability is unmatched.

 We offer multiple waterless grass types of varying color, length and texture, all backed by strong warranties and perfect for lawns with:

  • Plentiful shade
  • Complex walkways
  • Dry, compacted clay beds
  • Unmanageable weed problems
  • Large, difficult-to-mow areas

As a bonus, Mirage Waterless Grass is suitable for hitting golf shots – and you’ll never have to repair a divot.

Call or email GCST today to discuss all of our waterless grass options.

 Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for any climate, including extremely hot or cold locales
  • Environmentally friendly – no water or harsh chemicals required to maintain
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Designed to drain just like real grass
  • Product lifespan often exceeds warranty by many years