A Match Made in Hound Heaven

 No fleas, no ticks, no allergens – a waterless lawn is a treat for your pets.

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they can be your lawn’s worst enemy. Your yard isn’t doing Fido any favors, either. Dogs dig. Dogs potty. Dogs race around like happy little maniacs. It’s a daily assault that takes a toll on your grass. As if to fight back, grass produces allergens and hides pests – like fleas and ticks – that can drive your pooch up the nearest tree. And keeping it lush requires the use of toxic chemicals, which inevitably end up in your pet’s mouth and tummy. Unless, that is, we’re talking about Mirage Waterless Grass from Gulf Coast Synthetic Turf. Made from a lead-free, poly-fiber blend, this stuff is both pet-friendly and tough. Mirage Waterless Grass resists pest infestations, too, and it never needs fertilizer or weed killer to stay brilliantly green. It’s designed to feel like soft bluegrass and won’t irritate your pet’s skin. Our expert installation crews can carpet your entire yard in Mirage Waterless Grass, or place it in strategic sections. We can even build dog runs perfect for unbridled romping. Naturally, you want to know if it’s easy to clean up after your dog “does her business.” The answer is, yes. Simply scoop and hose off any mess – Mirage turf drains just like the real thing. Want to learn more about Mirage Waterless Grass for your lawn? Contact us today – we’ll come running like a faithful lab.

Features & Benefits

  • Drains like real grass but does not get muddy
  • No mowing or chemical application required
  • Lead-free and safe for pets and kids
  • Durable in extreme weather and suitable for any climate
  • Often lasts well beyond the warranty period