The Perfect Putting Green In Your Own Backyard


Enjoy years of pure-rolling bliss. No maintenance required. Imagine the perfect putting green. It’s smooth as glass and grain-free, so speed and roll are pure and consistent in every direction. It features a variety of pin placements; some are surrounded by subtle slopes, while others are nice and flat. The challenges are ever-changing. You never find a pitch mark or a bare patch on the perfect green. It’s 100% bump-proof. It looks and putts like the finest bentgrass greens on the most acclaimed private courses. Yet it doesn’t require aerating or top-dressing, and even the heaviest rains won’t turn it into a muddy mess. In other words, the perfect green is perfect every day of the year. Every night, too. So, who’s in charge of keeping this velvet beauty rolling its flawless best? You are. And you barely have to lift a finger.

 Trust Your Perfect Green to the Perfectionists

Where can you find the perfect green? 

Why, in your very own backyard. From east Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and northwest Florida, Gulf Coast Synthetic Turf (GCST) creates custom-designed putting greens that transform ordinary outdoor spaces into little slices of golf heaven. No matter the size, surface, grade or substrate of your yard, our expert craftsmen have the know-how to build a putting green that meets your exact specifications – and exceeds your expectations. We cut no corners in assuring proper drainage, long-lasting stability and a pristine surface. Year after year, GCST-installed turf remains free of wrinkles, curled edges and “heaving” (swelling due to freezing weather) – just a few of the many problems often caused by inexperienced installers. In a word, we’re perfectionists. Which makes us the only choice to build your perfect green.

 Mirage Turf: Favorite of Tour Pros and Major Brands

 If the perfect green sounds like a mirage, well, it is. With a capital “M.”As in Mirage TourPutt Ultimate Turf – the original and best “non-infill” synthetic turf, and the only kind we use. Developed in 1998 by Dale Potts, inventor of the “blimp-cam,” Mirage was the first synthetic turf requiring no sand infill to keep its strands standing up. That means none of the pricey, painstaking work needed to care for other synthetic greens. (Would you believe a sand-filled green can cost as much as $700 in yearly maintenance? It’s true.) No wonder Mirage TourPutt Ultimate was named “Turf of the Millennium.”

 It’s also no surprise Mirage TPU is the turf the choice for:

  • The home practice greens of numerous tour pros, including Matt Kuchar, Colin Montgomerie, Marc Leishman, Ryan Moore, Ricky Barnes and Jerry Kelly.

  •  Equipment makers such as Titleist, PING and Callaway, as well as the USGA.

  • Golf schools like the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy, top collegiate golf programs including Wake Forest, USC and Notre Dame, and major companies from Google to Berkshire Hathaway.

 They choose Mirage TPU for its unrivaled performance, of course, but also for its unmatched durability – it’s backed by a 10-year warranty – and maintenance-free ease of use. Aside from brushing off leaves and debris, you don’t have to do a thing to keep your Mirage green in prime year-round condition.

 Picture Your Backyard Golf Paradise

The perfect green takes many forms. The variety of possible shapes, sizes and slopes is practically endless.

Want your backyard green dead-flat?

We can do that. Want some Augusta-sized swales for a bigger challenge? That’s no problem, either. In fact, why stop at the green? GCST can build a complete short-game practice area featuring fringe, sand bunkers and realistic chipping areas with varying synthetic grass heights. We can even install full-swing teeing grounds with Mirage Tee Line turf, an incredibly realistic surface that accepts actual golf tees. If you can conceive it, GCST can make it happen.

 Features & Benefits

  • Expertly installed by experienced craftsmen

  • Residential greens backed by 10-year limited warranty

  • No maintenance required (except leaf and debris removal)